I'm Ardenia

I was raised to lean in and lean in hard. I showed up early and stayed late. I was groomed for that coveted corner office. You know, the one in all the movies with floor to ceiling windows and killer views. But life didn’t go as planned. You see, that corner office had strings attached: hellish commutes, ridiculous bosses and insane hours to name a few. I was fed up, burned out and laid off (twice to be exact.)

And I’d had enough. After some serious soul searching, I knew that mompreneurship was the answer. I would be a latte sipping, baby raising, work from home mogul. I’d build an empire in the comfort of my Lululemons. I’d make money moves AND mommy moves–and balance both like a boss. I came to slay, honey!

Then reality hit home (pun intended.) This is what mompreneurship was really like:

  • I wore yoga pants. The same damn yoga pants. Over and over again.
  • Sometimes I showered. Sometimes I didn’t. I smelled like Funyuns.
  • I was an underpaid, broke boss. Which isn’t very boss like.
  • I said yes to everyone and every project.
  • I worked ALL the time. I’m talking zero boundaries and zero self-care.
  • I felt pulled in a thousand directions and wasn’t truly present with my family.
  • My house was a hot ass mess. I repeat: Hot. Ass. Mess.
  • The home office of my dreams became the junk room of my nightmares.
  • I tried doing all the things all by myself.
  • Despite my ‘virtual freedom’ I felt disconnected, lonely and isolated.

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