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Dear CEO,

I'm calling BS on the hot mess. It's tired. It's toxic. It's a bitch.

Being CEO of #allthethings left me bitter and burned out. I was exhausted. Distracted. Leaning in. Stressing out.  Team no sleep. Zero self-care.  All work.  No play. Lost. Weary. Drowning in to-do lists. Can I get a witness? 

When it comes to CEO Problems, I've been there, done that, got the t-shirt. Ready to be the CEO of your life and not just your biz? Let's do this!



Not Your Mama's Self-Care 

My VIP Days were designed exclusively for high achieving moms who are burned out and ready for massive realignment. We'll meditate, vision board and pop some champagne. Then we'll implement The BOSS Method: Boundaries, Outsourcing, Simplicity & Self-Care.  Click below for the tea:

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